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Module 1: Introduction
Introduction Video
4 mins
Module 1 Workbook
21.1 MB
Module 2: Leadership
Leadership Video
9 mins
Module 2 Workbook
1.42 MB
Elevated Leadership Video Quiz
Goal Setting
Zone of Genius
Performance vs. Mastery Video
4 mins
Performance Vs. Mastery Video Quiz
Module 3: Ego Kills Empathy
Sixense Empathy Modelâ„¢
5 mins
Module 3 Workbook
19 MB
Empathy vs. Sympathy
227 KB
Empathy Quiz
Employing Empathy in Your Business
Module 4: Map Your Present State
Awareness and Mastery Video
5 mins
Module 4 Workbook
18 MB
How to Develop Awareness
50.3 KB
How to Develop Awareness Quiz
Module 5: Map Your Present State (Continued)
How to Map Your Present State Video
6 mins
Module 5 Workbook
15.7 MB
Team and Leadership Assessments
Conducting an Audit
Comparison: The Thief of Joy
61.3 KB
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Module 6: Plan Your Future State
Plan Your Future State Video
6 mins
Module 6 Workbook
13.7 MB
Abundance Mindset vs. Scarcity Mindset
Abundance Mindset vs. Scarcity Mindset Quiz
Module 7: Assess the Gaps
Assess the Gaps Video
4 mins
Module 7 Workbook
6.79 MB
Assess the Gaps Quiz
Important Considerations for Leaders
68.8 KB
Clarity and Focus
Module 8: Test and Hone Your Approach
Test and Hone New Approaches Video
6 mins
Module 8 Workbook
18 MB
Agile Software Development
169 KB
Test and Hone New Approaches Quiz
Resilience and Possibility
Resilience and Possibility Quiz
6 Tantalizing Tips for Testing Your New Idea
Module 9: Yield To The Market
Detached Involvement Video
4 mins
Module 9 Workbook
14.1 MB
Detached Involvement Quiz
Yield to the Market with 7 Easy Steps
Module 10: Conclusion
Congratulations on Completing the Program!
680 KB